This company has been owned and operated here in the Ottawa Valley for the past 40 years and they continue being a leading innovator in the Recycling industry. Dave Quinton, a born and raised Pembroke local is the Vice President and Director of ABC Recycling & Scrap Metals and is usually the friendly face that you will see onsite and responding to calls. He believes in fast and friendly service and ensures that his company delivers this. Recycling hazardous items such as electronics, tires and metals that do not break down easily in our landfills was a business that was passed down to Dave and it is in his blood. ABC Scrap Metals & Recycling's goal is to keep as much of these items out of our landfills as possible to ensure that they are disposed of safely and in an environmentally safe way. 

About Us

2 Bennett St. Pembroke ON Canada K8A 7Z8

Hours of Operation




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Monday - Friday : 8 am - 5 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed 

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